The materials

Cartoceramic is a compound of recycled paper, vinyl glue and industrial recycled ceramic powder, resistant and very light! Each jewel is then hand-painted and protected by a layer of transparent resin which makes them extremely shiny, with a ceramic glaze effect.

The metals I use for my jewelry are: golden or rhodium plated brass, stainless steel and 925 silver, all nickel free.

For the Ghirigori collection I use PLA, a biodegradable polymer made up of renewable natural resources (sugar cane and corn).

I am very careful with respect for the environment, which is why I mainly use recycled materials for my creations; in addition, the gift boxes that I provide for each order are 100% made of paper.

In order to better preserve each creation, we recommend avoiding wetting them with water and cleaning them, if necessary, with a microfibre cloth.

Each jewel is individually made by hand, and can therefore present small imperfections that are to be considered as an added value!

For personalized jewels or for further information you can write to me at, or fill out the form under "Contact me".
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