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In 2015 I started my production of bijoux, mainly made of cartoceramics, a compound of recycled paper, glue, and industrial waste ceramic powder, which I paint by hand and protect with a layer of resin that makes them resistant to water . I fell in love with this material for its resistance and incredible lightness, which allows me to produce maxi jewels that almost don't feel worn. My creations are characterized by bright colors and organic forms, and want to convey an ironic and naive joyfulness.

Each jewel is individually made by hand, so it is a unique piece.

My jewels are characterized by lightness, in the use of playful themes and bright colors, and by the contrast of materials, weights, surfaces and shapes. My intent is to create visual amazement, thanks to the interlocking of lines and profiles, and to convey a sense of serenity.

My sources of inspiration are manifold:street art, naive art, art brut, German expressionism, but also and above all elementary and natural geometric shapes. I look at my works as if they were miniature sculptures.


Born in 1990 in the province of Venice, in 2014 I graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, a school of Decoration, with a thesis on contemporary jewelery; in 2018 I graduate with honors from the master in History and Design of jewelry at the University of Siena. I have had some experiences in artisan workshops and ceramic and jewelery companies in Italy and abroad. In 2019 I open my shop/laboratory in Florence.

I have collaborated with some museum bookshops (Palazzo Albergati in Bologna, Palazzo Reale in Milan, MUSMA in Matera).


2012 Dino's bells, Dominican Convent, Marradi, edited by Stefano Scheda
2014 Monilius 0.2 Istinto, Canetoli showroom, Bologna, curated by Emanuela Bergonzoni
2016 Art Nouveau, Centro Palakiss, Vicenza, curated by Francesca Canapa
2017 Equidistant from the center, Oratorio San Rocco, Padua, curated by Emanuela Bergonzoni
2017 A Precious Parish, GoldItaly Fair, Arezzo, curated by Paolo Torriti
2018 The knowledge of the hands, Museum of the river of Nazzano (RM), by the Ass. The knowledge of the hands
2018 A Precious Parish, I. Bruschi House Museum, Arezzo, curated by Paolo Torriti

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